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How It Works?

Create Templates

SOAPassist utilizes a custom-built template creator page composed of various sections commonly used in medical documentation.  You can create templates by inputting the relevant text into these sections.  There are sections for just about anything you can think to include in a template, even such things as “Point of Care Ultrasound” and “References”.  Templates created in this way allow for them to be utilized by the SOAP note generator to create custom notes.  No more “one size fits all” approach to documentation.

Store templates

Your templates will be stored in the SOAPassist website database.  There is no limit to the number of templates you can store, so go nuts.  Storing your templates on the SOAPassist website means you have access to all of your templates wherever you can access the internet.  No more emailing yourself templates as you move to and from various practice locations wondering if you have the latest version!

Streamline your documentation today!

SOAPassist is the best way to create, store, share and use medical templates.

Share templates

Is there a new provider in your practice?  Quickly and easily share templates with them so they can hit the ground running.  Templates can be shared en masse making it as simple as just a few clicks.  Have you updated one of your shared templates?  No problem!  Your recipients will automatically get the updated version, even if the template was shared before the update was made.  You can also save templates that have been shared with you as your own to allow for further customization.

Use Templates

Are you ready for the best part?  The SOAPassist generator allows you to instantly and intelligently create a SOAP note from as many templates as you like.  It works by arranging the content you’ve saved for each template into medically relevant sections according to your selected note format.  Formats include “Problem-based H&P”, “System-based H&P”, “Consult Note”, “Procedure Note” and more.  Don’t have any templates yet?  That’s okay!  Get started by having instant access to our many curated templates for common issues you see everyday.  Stop the struggle and sign up for SOAPassist today!


Why SOAPassist

How SOAPassist Helps

Light speed Documentation

Simply select the templates for your encounter and the SOAP Note Generator instantly and accurately integrates the templates to produce a custom SOAP note.

Several Template Formats

The SOAP Note Generator has several template formats from which to choose.  You can create problem-based notes, system-based notes, consult notes, procedure notes and more. Just select the appropriate format and templates for the encounter, and then allow SOAPassist to arrange them into a customized note.


No Loose Ends

The template form in the Template Creator page does not have a character count.  Feel free to name every differential diagnosis.  Leave no zebra unmentioned.

The Bottom Line

Completing the medical record can be as easy as a few clicks.  It’s time to upgrade your method of documentation.  It’s time to let SOAPassist help.

Accuracy is the Best Policy

Providers can be as detailed as they wish, having templates for various phases of workup and treatment knowing that the SOAP Note Generator will integrate every template selected.  This allows for a nuanced approach to template utilization that reduces the possibility of documentation error. 

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